Turnfurlong Junior School

Respect, Self-Belief, Creativity, Resilience, Motivation & Ambition

At Turnfurlong Junior School we strive to provide a creative, happy and safe environment in which all children are inspired to achieve success and become confident, independent and reflective life-long learners.

We understand the importance that education has in nurturing and preparing children for their future lives. We aim to develop strong foundations that can be built on throughout a child’s life.

​The school council worked with the children, teachers and parents to decide on six key values linked to our school mission statement.  These values underpin the way our children conduct themselves both in school and out.   Our values are Respect, Self-Belief, Creativity, Resilience, Motivation & Ambition​

These values are woven into our curriculum and they are also celebrated and discussed in assemblies and through the wider curriculum.  

School website: https://www.tjs.org.uk