Turnfurlong Infant School

At TIS we are passionate about education and have uncompromising aspirations for every individual and for our school to be an exceptional community of lifelong learners.  Our school:

  • Ensures there is a warm, welcoming and secure environment for all
  • Provides children with positive role models
  • Provides high quality, personalised and inspirational teaching and learning
  • Offers a creative and adventurous curriculum delivered by a team of committed and reflective practitioners
  • Expects high standards for behaviour and conduct
  • Fosters a culture in which every child’s contribution is encouraged and valued and where achievements are celebrated
  • Builds genuine, collaborative partnerships between children, staff, parents, governors and the local and wider community
  • Celebrates the uniqueness of our Infant School status

School website: https://www.turnfurlong-inf.bucks.sch.uk/