About Us

We are a Co-operative Education Trust formed in September 2013. We currently have three schools working together within our community.

The Trust builds on the unique qualities of each school and therefore, through collaboration, significantly improve the educational opportunities for young people and their families. We believe that these stronger partnership arrangements between schools and extended services professionals, contribute significantly to a further improvement in each school’s performance and a better educational experience and enhanced outcomes for young people and their families.

Our schools continue to be distinctive and autonomous, led by their individual head teachers and governing bodies. Their responsibilities for standards, including objectives relating to behaviour and performance are unchanged.

What is a co-operative trust?

Trust Schools are a type of school that have the opportunity to be supported by a Charitable Trust, whilst still being part of the Local Authority family of schools. The Co-operative Trust strengthens our drive for continuous improvement, in particular through engaging more closely with the local community.

Our schools have become Trust Schools based on the values of the Co-operative Movement and have created a long term partnership. Our current partners are The Co-operative College (a national training organisation) and Buckinghamshire Council. The Governing Body of each school continues to be responsible for employing staff, for admissions and for the school premises.

What does the Co-operative Movement bring to the Trust?

By becoming a Co-operative Trust, Aylesbury Learning Partnership schools have become part of the global cooperative family. We are members of the Schools Co-operative Society, the national network of co-operative trusts, and work with the Co-operative College. The Co-operative College has extensive experience in both the general school sector and the co-operative trust sector. They organise the network of co-operative schools, of which The Aylesbury Learning Partnership is a part. They also help bring a global dimension to the schools and assist in establishing national and international links with other co-operative organisations.